Project Description

Custom Web Development


Client:      Martina Lutz Schneider
Date:        March 2015

It was a pleasure to develop a website for Martina and the valuable work that she does with Elder Massage. We rebuilt her original website this year so that her site is completely responsive for optimum loading on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Hi Janeane – forwarding a comment I got on my website – that YOU created.
~ Martina  Feb 9 2018.
WOW! I wanted to tell you that I think your website is really beautiful! Actually had a calming effect on me. Terrific! I hope you get a zillion leads from your post. – Cheers, Deirdre

Glen Ellen Designs has created two websites for me. Besides their diligent and timely work ethic, I was very pleased with their knowledge about strategic Internet marketing and optimizing search engines.

Glen Ellen Designs websites are easy to navigate, simple in their design and well balanced in the information. They were able to reflect both my business goals and my personality in their web design very beautifully.”

~ Martina Lutz Schneider